The Sewage Directorate of Dohuk Governorate is one of the service departments established in 2011 and is affiliated with the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism.

Before 2011, there was a division called “Sewage Division” of the Directorate of Water and Sewers of Dohuk governorate at the time.

In 2011, a department was created under the name of (Dohuk Sewerdirectorate), where the sewage division, which was then affiliated with the Dohuk Water and Sewers Directorate, was separated and the directorate was established.

One of the specific objectives of the Dohuk Sewers Directorate is the following:

  1. Heavy discharge of water.
  2. Rainwater drainage.

The vision of the Dohuk Sewerage Directorate is to provide world-class sewage and rainwater drainage services to enable development to improve wastewater treatment.

The Dohuk Sewerage Directorate, sewage maintenance department, conducts campaigns for heavy sewage and rain networks, cleaning and saluting sewage lines throughout the province to provide the best services to citizens.

The maintenance unit as part of the regular work of the network maintenance committee cleans and entertains and opens the blockages in the main terminals of the rain line and also detects the excesses and submit suppositions to the committee of abuses to take the necessary measures

Water is discharged through networks of pipes in which water is pumped into pumping stations distributed in residential neighborhoods to deliver water to the main treatment unit in () which processes water physically and biologically, making it arable water. Thus, the objective of the Dohuk Governorate Sewerage Directorate is primarily healthy, based on ridding residential neighborhoods of heavy water and rainwater communities to prevent diseases and epidemics that could spread if this water is left in residential neighborhoods.

Duhok Sewage Directorate is one of the service formations in the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism.

An official and special page of the Directorate of Sewers of Dohuk province specialized in publishing all activities and projects provided by the Directorate.

The media of the Directorate of Sewers of Dohuk province documents and publishes the work of the directorate and receive spoofs of citizens and complete them.