Information about the Survey and GIS Department‌ :-

Our department is divided into two sections survey and GIS. Our employee in the survey section collect site detection projects and data with an advanced device. And in the (GIS) section, we integrate (ArcGIS) program in the form of the programming data into the model (the layer) as displayed in the program. As mentioned at the beginning, both sections (Survey + Geographic Information Systems) due to our work related to each of them, we work together to develop and improve the work in our administration and the interrelated projects that are being implemented.

our department consist of 9 employees (7 Permanently) (2 temporary contract):

No. Names Address
1 Omer Ali Muhammad Surveyor(Head of the Department)
2 Muhammad Naef  Yousif surveyor
3 Adnan Ahmed Yassin surveyor
4 Hassan Abdulmajid  Yousif surveyor
5 Ari Adel Sadiq surveyor
6 Beitar Younis Ahmed surveyor
7 Dlovan Abdilsutar shemsealdin surveyor
8 Nojdar Mohhammad Ahmed Surveyor(temporary contract)
9 Nijyar saeed Muhemmed Surveyor(temporary contract)


Some information about survey section:-

-The main work is site detection projects and data with an advanced device like (GPS, Like2, like15 and level).

– At the request of the design department, they visit the detection site, to create a project for this place.

– The Survey department, with the help of the (Maintenance Department) and at the request of the citizens

-The surveyor of our department Participates in the task committees (Material Price Commission) – The surveyor of our department Participates of directorate works and projects.

Statistics department works:

Identify the information for all sections like streets and roads

identification for all regions of Duhok city Which works in any of the statements.Other works of departments:-Identify all data and information for Streets and areas in the (ArcGIS) program.-Giving building permits investment projects like a carwash place and Tourism projects and swimming pools.

– Install the waste water and rain water and ‌ in the program.

– preparing all projects and installing Dohuk maps and a geographic information system in the program and the sanitation method that is implemented by Dohuk Governorate and the Ministry with information about any projects and data project in the special schedule that is saved and protected.