Actions and activities of the budget accounts Department :-

1- budget accounts department supervisor (Kamiran Faris Rashid)

2- Doing the Monthly schedule (audit balance‌) with a daily record and Expenses for budget accounts the plan accounts department.

3- Follow up the work of the, bonus and promotion committee for employees.

4- Doing Marriage certificate.

5- Bringing the continuous monthly advance with.

6- making the employees payroll’s list.

7-making records

8- giving payroll’s needs.

9- writing the department’s purchasing tools in the (direct exchange) records.

Audit Department Employees name:

No. Names
1 Kamiran Faris Rashid
2 Ahmed Samir Muhhammed Salih
3 Radhwan Tawfiq Muhemmed
4 Vaman Ramadan Rashid
5 Berivan Muhemmed Tahir
6 Parwin Abdulwahab Abduljalil