We are one of the most important and important issues in the art of some officials and artists.

This section should be conducted by the ministry’s plans and the organization’s support, and the work of the ministry is not a part of the way down.
1- The presentation of the independent committees to start the project.
2- Producing the employees started the project.
3- Start ing the project work place.
4- Producing project advances.
5. To produce a board of participants to use the project, to co-work with the directorate of construction.
6- Receiving the start and two months of project.
7- Producing the works of the bar’s change and more than 5% of the project.
8. Producing more employees for projects up to 20% of the project.
9- Visiting the project ingenue and entrusting them to the committees of their development and working to solve the problems of the children.
10- Visiting any employees to negotiate and solve the problem of the problem of the project under the implementation of the general directorate as (Duhok Governorate, director of Duhok laboratories… etc.).

In general, there are some other work, so go down:
– To be a part of the start and end of the service directorate’s projects.
– The data and appreciation will be selected on the next projects, which will be opened with the project’s design and appreciation for the project.
– The opening of their doors, seminars and medical courses will be held in the general directorate.