Information about  (IT) Department :-

this department contains many important works, and have an important role in Directorate of sewer- Duhok Governorate, the more important this departments works:

1- Follow-up and maintenance of all computers in the department (the daily work of computers in the directorate’s rooms).

2- Holding computer education courses for the Directorate’s employees, and cooperating with other Directorates to manage the work of the courses and preparing the meeting room from computers and course supplies.

3- Daily maintenance of the internet.

4-Working with the program (incoming and outgoing, administration and accounts) in the Directorate with pike upping them.

5- Work on the fingerprint device for entry and exit of employees at work time.

6- Record information on all electronic devices for the Directorate such as (computers, printers, etc…)

7- Continuous work and maintenance of the directorate’s surveillance cameras.

8- Preparing annual brochures.

9- Supervising the Directorate’s websites.