Maintenance Department Activities:

1 – Maintaining the rain and heavy network and repairing its losses.

2- Carrying out periodic cleaning campaigns for the network and preparing it for the rainy season for rain networks.

3- Replacing the damaged drainage nozzles and making new drainage nozzles to expedite the drainage of rainwater.

4- Making the extensions connecting the parts of the network.

Division Affiliate Units Operation

DivisionThe Operations Division consists of three units:

1- pump station maintenance unit

2- Network maintenance unit.

3- Occupational Safety Unit.

Station Maintenance Unit Activity:

1- Maintaining stations (rain and heavy) periodically and submitting related reports (mechanical – electrical).

2- Carrying out special campaigns to maintain and clean stations in preparation for the rainy season, including the maintenance of submersibles and boards.

3- Expanding the stations’ basins to accommodate the largest amount of rainwater.